Baby Tiger Reveals Hidden Dancing Talent Story in English + More Kids Moral Fairy Tales Stories 3D

Baby Tiger Reveals Hidden Dancing Talent Story in English + More Kids Moral Fairy Tales Stories 3D. #TigerStory#BabyAnimals#FairyTales

Story: Tiger was a very conservative animal. He rarely talked, played, laughed or mingled with the other animals. Some of the animals said of him, “Tiger is too arrogant. He is so full of himself, and he doesn’t have any talent. If he did have talents, I’m sure he’d walk on everyone of us.” Other animals said, “Tiger is only shy. He exhibits good behavior but is very shy.” It didn’t matter to Tiger what the animals said about him; instead, he maintained the attitude of conservatism everywhere he went. However, in his secret, he loved to dance and he practised dancing all the time. The end of the year was fast approaching. This was a period when the animals usually gathered for an “end of year party.” They already began to plan for the event. The animals were required to make certain contributions towards the event which they all gladly did. On the day of the party, all the animals trooped in. The party held at the space between the hill and the river in the forest. All the animals were singing, dancing, marrying, and making new friends. Tiger just remained at a place in the party all by himself not knowing they had set him up. After a while, the party host, Panda, came on stage, cleared his throat, and began to talk. “You are welcome to this memorable party. It’s going to be the best party you’ve ever attended in your entire life. Are you ready?!” Then all the animals cheered and responded “Yes, we are! Yes, we are!” Panda continued, “Now, because we have many things to do in this party, we wouldn’t be wasting time unnecessarily. Because of this, I call on Tiger to come present anything he’s good at to the crowd. Wouldn’t you all like to see him do something.” Tiger was reluctant at first, but he didn’t want to kill the fun, especially for the animals. So, he ceased the stage, and to the amazement of all the animals, he danced like they’d never seen before. They all opened their mouth wide in surprise. They never knew an animal that conservative could possess such great talent. When he was done, all the animals clapped for him and gave him a standing ovation for his performance.