Crow and The Loving Lion Story in English | 3D Animated Bedtime Stories for Kids

Crow and The Loving Lion Story

Crow and the loving lion story in english for kids with baby animals cartoons. 3D animated bedtime moral stories for kids and children with animals cartoons.

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Crow and Lion were friends in the animal forest. They must became friends, so they didn’t know each other well enough. Crow liked to work very hard. She would work day and night, but on the other hand, Lion seemed to be very lazy.

When they newly became friends, Lion truly cared for Crow. He provided food whenever she was hungry especially from the food shop that was at the river bank. He provided umbrella whenever it was raining. He was always available to help her whenever she needed anything.

But as they continued, Crow became uncomfortable with Lion. She said to him, “You are too lazy Lion. You sleep day and night, and you don’t even work hard. I don’t want to have friends who don’t work hard. I am tired of you and I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

Lion responded thus: “Crow. I may appear lazy now but I am working on being better. I have a vision of being a really great animal, and I will be it. You only need to believe in me.” Crow’s anger fuelled as she responded further “Believe in what? In a lazy, idle animal? No, I won’t!”

Lion was sad but he had to respect her and leave her. Lion didn’t change his opinions about her. He made up his mind to be faithful regardless of whatever happened. “I will still care for Crow as much as I did before.” Lion said to himself with tears almost rolling down his cheek.

One day, Crow was flying towards the hill in the forest when she got stuck on a branch she perched on. “Help! Help! Help! I’m stuck here. Can any animal help me please.” Crow cried and cried till she slept off.

Fortunately, Lion was passing by. He saw her stuck on the tree and quickly helped her out, then he laid her on a tender branch and left. She didn’t see him, so when she woke up, she screamed, “A big thank you to the animal that helped though I don’t know you.”

Lion continued growing and became very hardworking so much that all the animals testified of him. When crow heard this, she was sorry, so she went to plead with Lion who accepted her without hearing her apologies. The two became best friends again.